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Chef Asad Latif

Chef Asad is one of the most well-known professional chef of Pakistan. His cooking is highly appreciated and loved by people of all ages. This journey of success began 12 years before when Chef Asad hosted his first Cooking TV Show. Easy Method and Inexpensive Foods are the reasons of Chef Asad’s popularity. That’s why his TV Show “Lazzat with Asad” is very popular among people. You can also watch his show on Metro One News daily at 6pm to 7pm.

Other than this, Chef Asad’s Recipes are found on different social media sites and on different websites. On People’s continuous and frequent request, Chef Asad is launching his Official Website for his followers, where you can find Latest Videos of Chef Asad’s program and All his Recipes at one place easily.

Chef Asad is a recipe developer that’s why he has opened so many restaurants and trained many cooks from different restaurants as well. Chef Asad has conducted many Training Courses of different International and Pakistani chefs. And recently Chef Asad has inaugurated his restaurant “Urban Tarka” in Karachi which is being very popular among the people.

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